Friday, March 28, 2008

Castle in Geneva, Switzerland

It’s a beautiful castle in Geneva from the 12th Cent. It was my kindda weather that day! Perfect for garma garam pakodis.There was some kind of light coming from the clouds and falling on the castle which made it even more interesting. Couldn't capture it that well in my painting.

The Green Machine

Magazine cover design for The Pennsylvania Triangle. Hats off to the "live trace" tool in Illustrator. Made life simpler!
The illustration is about the $100 laptop. There were loads of 'ifs n buts' that it will work or not when it was 1st introduced. So I have tried to show a tug of war between the +ve n -ve aspects of the laptop.

looks yummy ..right?

..but sorry you can't have it! I have always loved watercolors. The bright colors, the quick n dirty stuff, the cool wet on wet effects...they inspire me a lot. This was my first try. Hopefully I will improve. :-)

Yesss...its me!

Smile and spread happiness! 
Pencil Drawing, done from a photograph of mine.

Revlon Showcard

One of my fav. I tried to give a realistic finish with postercolors. Hope it has come out well!

Temple at Belur

This was done during my college trip. Its special for me.

Ben Franklin

This is a quick sketch that I did with pen at the Penn Campus. Looks as if Mr. Franklin is going to fall!